KU Edwards Campus
As the PR and Marketing intern at KU Edwards Campus, in Overland Park, Kansas, I work with marketing and recruitment teams to increase enrollment through email, direct mail and advertising campaigns.

Project: prospective student booklet
Role: copywriter and designer
Description: This booklet is given to prospective students to inform them about the KU Edwards Campus. I completely redesigned and restructured the booklet for a more modern, on-brand feel.

Project: Student Services brochure
Role: graphic designer
Description: I worked with the Student Services team at KU Edwards to understand its service offerings, categorize its offerings into buckets and design a brochure card for students.


Project: sketch jayhawk design
Role: graphic designer
Description: I created a graphic representation of the campuses Jayhawk statue. This is used on posters, t-shirts and internal flyers. It has also been submitted to Snapchat as a geofilter.


View more of my work for the KU Edwards Campus here.

Muller Bressler Brown
As the design intern for MBB in Leawood, Kansas, I collaborated with the research team to develop a strategic plan and design materials for Black Cat Fireworks.

Project: mood board
Role: graphic designer
Description: This mood board was designed to show the client the look and feel of the Black Cat Fireworks 2017 campaign.


Project: web banner
Role: graphic designer
Description: This web banner was used as one example of our marketing strategy.mock-ups-01

I worked as a design and social media intern for Travelzoo in Sydney, Australia. I designed media kits, case studies, and flyers.

Project: brand booklet
Role: graphic designer
Description: This booklet was used to describe the Travelzoo company to potential buyers.

View all of my work for Travelzoo here.

Limestone Pizza Kitchen Bar
During my message development class, my team created a campaign for a local Lawrence pizzeria.

Project: flyer
Role: copywriter, designer and photographer
Description: The goal of this flyer was to highlight Limestone’s local ingredients.

Midland Marketing
I was hired by Midland Marketing Cooperative in Hays, Kansas, to outline a marketing plan to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.

Project: commemorative history booklet
Role: copywriter and designer
Description: This booklet encapsulates the history of the company.