Another Adventure, Another Wetsuit.

I’m about to swim with sharks. Big sharks. The thought both thrilled and terrified me.

I spent my Friday morning swimming with 10ft grey nurse sharks, giant manta rays, and beautiful sea turtles at the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary—and I loved every second of it.

As I watched a shark swim right over me, my breath caught in my chest. I couldn’t take my eyes off Big Mouth, a giant manta ray, as she moved gracefully around me and then Myrtle, a giant sea turtle, swam up and rested beside me. I was in awe. Nothing makes you feel small like a manta ray the size of a queen-sized mattress swimming inches away from you. The dive gave me perspective.

In the scheme of things, my flat tire, my one bad grade, my lost keys are so miniscule. When you look at the big picture, our “world-ending” problems aren’t as “world-ending” as we think they are.