Blue cheese is white. Blue grass is green. Mountain oysters aren’t even oysters.

What’s important about these oddly named things, you ask? I think that they teach us a valuable lesson: in all the sameness it’s easy to get lost. You have to be different, original, unique to stand out.

Picture a grocery store isle: full from top to bottom with similar looking things. If you were a product, what would make you different than the others?

We, as a society, insist on being like everyone else. “Wear this. It’s what the celebs are wearing,” “You can’t be into that! It’s soo last year.”

Don’t change who you are to be more like someone else. Stand out. Call yourself blue and then be green, or white, or even orange. Be different. Be unique. Be you. Because there’s only one of you in the world

…and that’s quite a remarkable thing. A rarity, in fact. Just like precious stones, rarities are highly sought after.