Inspiring the “uncreative”

Canvases scream when you think of painting. Words are your biggest enemy.

You’re not creative, not one bit, you say. Well, you’re wrong.

Creativity isn’t a trait. It’s an action. Any one can be creative they just have to know how to start.

Well, starting is the hardest part, you say? True. But who doesn’t like a challenge?

Creativity is hard and imagination takes work. Those things aren’t taught in schools. Order and organization are, but originality is not.

I know that a blank canvas can be daunting, but it can also be inspiring. The possibilities are limitless; you just have to push through your left-brain thinking.

Maybe you’ll write the next great novel, or paint like Picasso. Or maybe it’ll just make you happy. In the end, that’s what everything—your work, your life— should be about: happiness.

To me, happiness is a blank canvas—and yes, it’s also a problem. But creativity is a fun solution.

Here’s some inspiration to make you want to get creative.