Valentine viewpoint

After listening to my close friend rant about how she despised Valentine’s Day, I was intrigued. How could anyone hate chocolate and flowers and all the mushy-gushiness of Valentine’s Day? Is it too much love in one day? that a thing?

But then it clicked. She didn’t like it because it felt “fake.”

Valentine’s Day makes people feel obligated to buy treats and send their postage-stamped affection through the mail to anyone they feel semi-fond of. Does that mean their love is any less real? No, of course not. Just more pronounced with cheap gifts.

While Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to show your admiration for others, love should be expressed every day of the year–in simple actions like back rubs and muffins. And time–that’s the one thing you can never get more of.

So, tell someone you love them. Not because it’s Valentine’s Day, but because it’s Saturday and you love them. They deserve to hear it.